Breyer Horse Accessories: Classic Hilltop Stable

Building your stable is one of the most exciting parts of collecting for many Breyer collectors. Classic collectors take note, a new stable is in town that is just as customizeable  as any part of your Breyer collection!

The Classic Hilltop Stable is the perfect blank canvas to start the stable of your dreams. This one stall barn is perfect on it’s own or combined to make a stable that only stops with your imagination. This single stall barn has an angled roof, a sliding door, and three windows. A true blank canvas, the Hilltop Stable is a lovely shade of natural wood that can be painted any color you desire or can be left in it’s beautiful light natural shade.

You can combine stalls to create a long row, leaving it open and airy, or the stall can be faced together, creating the look of an enclosed barn, complete with angled roof and aisle. The choice is yours!

No matter what your dreams are, you can get started with the Hilltop Stable. The barn of your dreams is just around the corner, and your classics are itching to get into the empty stalls. Which of your horses will be the first to be stabled at your Hilltop Stable?


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