Breyer Horse New Releases: Xavier

The mythical unicorn has been a beast of fascination for hundreds of years. Breyer collectors have been no stranger to this fascination, and unicorns have become a favorite for many collectors. Now, one of Breyer’s most favorite molds takes on a fantastical twist and is headed into Golden Oak Stables!

Xavier is the latest addition to the Breyer fantasy stable and is already causing excitement among collectors. Created on the fan favorite Wintersong mold, Xavier is a stocky draft horse with feathers and hair to spare! This gorgeous gentle giant is magical all on his own, even without his horn! Kathleen Moody is known for her sculptures with a touch of fantasy, and we have to say, this sculpture has never looked better

Xavier is a stunning shade of pearlescent purple that shimmers as the light hits his delicate dapples. Under that purple shimmer is a delicate shaded grey paint job that is offset with silver accents. His most showing silver accent is his large unicorn horn that spirals from the top of his head in delicate fashion!

If you are a draft fan, a fantasy fan or just a fan of anything new and beautiful from Breyer, Xavier is sure to be the next horse headed into your stable! Don’t wait, he’s sure to be a favorite for many years to come!



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