Breyer Horse Collecting: Molds

There’s a lot of terminology that comes with collecting, and one that is very commonly used is the term Mold. Mold can mean a lot of different things in different situations, but molds in Breyer collecting are one of the most important things to collectors!

The term Mold is used to describe the sculpture of any Breyer model. Because Breyers are made of plastic, they are molded one by one on a large machine. This process has helped collectors pin the term mold for any one sculpture. Different molds are introduced each year and sometimes they become retired or reworked over time.

With hundreds of different molds, there’s any number of places to start, but chances are you’ve already got a few favorite. When you look at your collection, there are probably a few horses that stand out, and maybe a few more that you have in more than one color. These models are different releases, but are considered the same mold by collectors. Often times, collectors find great joy in collecting as many different models in one mold as possible, making for a fun goal.

Golden Oak Stables always has the newest releases ready and waiting for you. Take a look over your collection to find your different molds, and start adding more favorites to your collection today!


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