Breyer Horse Collecting: Starting Young

Breyers capture the imagination of all ages, from the very young to the very old and everything in between. The spirit of the horse is always alive and well with any Breyer and the fact that for the last sixty years they have found a way to bring thousands of horse lovers together. Collecting can start at any time in life, but the youngest collectors can take joy in all of the options that capture the spirit of the horse along with their imaginations.

There’s no “right” way to begin collecting, wherever you start is great! But, for some collectors, starting young is the key. Breyer and Golden Oak Stables has just what is needed for every stage of collecting, and for every type of collector. From Traditional models all the way down to Stablemates, there’s a scale and breed for everyone!

The youngest of collectors might be enchanted by the Pony Gals line, which is specifically created for children. These fun models feature hair that can be styled and fanciful looks! A little bit of creativity and fantasy bring the world of horses to life with a touch of whimsy. The touch of whimsy makes these horses all the more lovable and fun when it comes to playtime!

Whether young or young at heart, there’s a perfect horse for every horse lover!


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