Real Life Breyer Horses: Valegro

The Olympics are in full swing and the equestrian events have been fierce with competition. The world has watched as nations have competed for the gold medal, and equestrians all over have watched as history was made by one of Breyer’s most recent portrait models, Valegro!

Valegro and his rider Charlotte Dujardin have already taken the world by storm with their amazing partnership that has stretched the world over. Valegro is the current record holder for both freestyle and grand prix style dressage and at the 2016 Olympic Games he set a new record for the highest dressage score at an Olympic Games. He and Charlotte then went on to win the coveted gold medal, making it their second!

Breyer’s Valegro is a perfect portrait of this amazing horse, with his strong profile and delicate movements, he has been created in the elegant Pirouette. Bringing his dark bay coat and striking white markings to his model, he is indistinguishable down to every last detail from the real life Valegro!

Known around the barn as Blueberry, he has captured the world with his talent. Now, Breyer collectors can celebrate the gold along with Blueberry, Charlotte and Great Britain!

Congratulations Valegro!


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