Breyer Horse Collecting: Mid Year New Mold Roundup!

July 5, 2016

One of the most exciting parts of collecting is new models, but even more exciting is the release of a new mold! This year, a ton of new molds have come to Golden Oak Stables and are galloping all over the world to collectors who are anxious to add these amazing new horses to their collections. So, let’s take a look at what Breyer has released for 2016 and give your wish list a few new additions.

Svali Fra Tjorn is one of the newest molds to be released, this little Icelandic Pony is unlike any mold before it and is sculpted by the beloved Kathleen Moody. Banks Vanilla is a one of a kind mold that is sculpted by first time Breyer sculptor, Sarah Minkiewicz who has been well known in the model horse hobby for decades for her incredible customs and resins. Now Breyer collectors have a chance at one of her amazing works of art! Cortez C is a stunning example of a sport horse with his calm demeanor and alert expression.

From the shores of the British Isles, Carltonlima Emma is a portrait of the Queen’s own Fell Pony! Well known to many equestrians and horse lovers, ┬áValegro is the stunning dressage champion that has taken the world by storm. Now, a new Breyer mold, he is taking the model horse world by storm! Last, but certainly not least, Brunello brings a new twist to a well known mold. Now featuring a perfectly braided mane and tail, this warmblood is unlike any seen before!

Which new molds have you added to your stable? Who is next on your wish list?



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