Breyer Horse Collecting: What’s In A Name?

Just like in any real stable, every Breyer horse needs a name. Some come with names, and others are famous horses whose name is one we all recognize, but either way a horse needs a name.

Many horses from Golden Oak Stables come with a name, which makes it easy as a collector to keep track of who’s who, but what happens if they don’t come with a name of their very own? Or if you don’t think it suits them? The only thing stopping you is your own imagination! Creating your own stable names for your horses can help you not only connect with your collection, but also to organize it and personalize it. By naming your horses you’ll get to know your models better than anyone else! If you ever intend to attend a show with your models, you’ll need to name them, so you’ll be ready when your horses head to the show!

But how do you pick a name? The possibilities are honestly endless, you can start wherever your imagination will take you! Some collectors give their horses a stable prefix, just like real horses. Other’s let their imagination take hold and use names of fantasy horses, characters, or other beloved names. You can start anywhere your heart takes you, there’s no limit on how you can name your models, or what kind of names you can choose! The only limit is you!

What kind of names grace your stables? Maybe it’s time to shake things up in the stables with a new name or two? What’s stopping you?




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