Breyer Horse Collecting: Storing Your Models

Breyer collections are often large, and many times grow over the years to great sizes. As your collection grows, you might find that you may need to store some, or all of it for one reason or another. Storing it properly will ensure that when the time does come to take them out, they’ll be as pristine as when you put them away.

The first thing you need to think about when storing your models, is will it be a short term or a long term storage? A short term storage could be for something like moving, or rearranging, or maybe just packing up for a couple months to remodel. A longer term storage could be for several years and will need to be treated a little bit differently.

No matter which you choose, your first step is always to gently clean your models with a dust rag or a wet cloth. This will get anything off of your models that could potentially damage them. Once your models are clean, wrapping them in clean, light colored tee shirts, fabric or towels will keep them protected. Bubble wrap can be used, but shouldn’t be used for long term storage or for storage that might be exposed to extreme temperatures. This can cause the bubble wrap to ruin the model.

Once your models are all packed up, you will need to put them in some kind of container. Cardboard boxes are safe, but make sure they are sturdy and away from any type of moisture. You can also use plastic storage totes, but you’ll want to make sure that there is some air flow to the models so that they can breathe, especially for long term storage.

Taking care of your collection is easy, and storing it can be easy too! Golden Oak Stables is always happy to help keep your collection growing and safe!


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