Breyer Horse New Releases: National Reining Horse 50th Anniversary

The different ways that man and horse have competed has changed and evolved over the years. These competitions have mimicked work that man and horse have done and continue to do even today. Reining is one of these sports that shows the connection between man and horse and along with Breyer they are celebrating 50 years of reining history!

Formed in 1966 The National Reining Horse Association has set the standard for the sport of reining in the last fifty years. Reining is a Western competition that gives horses and riders the difficult task of working through a precise pattern mimicking the intricate ways a horse moves during cattle work. The test is completed at both the lope and the gallop and show the versatility of these incredible horses!

Breyer’s National Reining Horse helps to celebrate 50 years of this incredible sport! This Classic scale model is sliding into Golden Oak Stables and is ready to head into your barn. His deep sorrel coat color is stunning and flashy without being overstated. As he sides in the ring you’ll notice his concentration and precision to the task at hand, like any good reining horse!

Bring a bit of Western history to your barn with this new Classic that is sure to liven things up in your arena!


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