Breyer Horse New Releases: Svali Fra Tjorn

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables have always opened the stable doors to horses all over the world, but the latest addition to the stable brings a whole new kind of horse to collectors!

Hailing from the Nordic Island nation of Iceland the Icelandic horse is a breed that is truly unique as can be. This small horse breed is unlike any other with it’s unique Tolt gait that only it possesses! Some even have a fifth gait, called a flying pace! The Icelandic horse is the national horse of Iceland and the only breed to exist on the island.

Svali Fra Tjorn is an exceptional example of his breed and one of the highest ranking stallions in the United States. This gorgeous stallion is a member of the famed Knights Of Iceland performance team and has received the highest rankings from the International Icelandic Breed Evaluations.

His sandy bay color is beautifully recreated on a brand new mold sculpted by the collector favorite Kathleen Moody! The first regular run of this beautiful new sculpture brings the epitome of the breed together with Breyer’s artistry for a match made in model horse heaven!

So clear out a stall and some room in the paddock, this new horse is on the move, and ready to head into your stables!


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