Breyer Horse Collecting: Where Do Your Horses Live?

Just like real horses, Breyer horse collectors struggle with where to keep their horses. With real horses, most horse owners only have a few horses at most to find a place for them to live, but Breyer horse collectors often have dozens, if not hundreds of horses to find places for.

It’s no secret that the first place most of us think of for a horse, real or model, to live is a stable. Breyer collectors have a whole wealth of barns to choose from for their models. Golden Oak Stables has barns from small to large, stablemate to traditional and everything in between. These realistic miniatures rival the real thing in many ways, and give you the perfect place to live out your horse fantasies.

Chances are, you have a few too many horses for several barns and need to find another way to herd their horses. Just like real horses, you can choose to put your horses in a paddock of sorts. An actual paddock with miniature fencing is of course an option, and is a fun way to display your horses!

Many collectors also choose display cases or bookshelves for a more orderly, but less realistic, look. Some collectors collections are so big that they can only have a small part of it on display at any one time.  No matter what your display style is, it is uniquely yours and as special as your collection!

So, where does your collection live?


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