Breyer Horse Collecting: The Breyer Rainbow

The Breyer rainbow is amazing to say the least, and just as varied as the rainbow of colors that real horses come in, plus more!

Many horses come in a few common colors that are varied with face and leg markings. Bay, chestnut and grey are the most common colors. From there, palomino, buckskin, dun and champagne come into the mix and make the rainbow beautiful and exciting! Breyer has created these colors beautifully and brings the entire rainbow to collectors!

From there, the rainbow expands to pintos and appaloosa markings! These white markings can be extensive or minimal and are just as random and unique as each horse. Pintos and appaloosas are bold, beautiful and desirable to both real horse and model horse lovers!

Breyer brings a unique touch to the rainbow that real horses don’t happen to have, decorators. These fantasy models are as creative as your imagine will take you and are individually unique additions to the Breyer rainbow. No one is like another!

What your rainbow of horses looks like is unique to each collection and you can probably see some trends in your collection. Maybe you have a lot of bay horses, or a bunch of appaloosas! Whatever you have, Golden Oak Stables is there to fill in the gaps with whatever your collection desires!


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