Breyer Horse New Releases: New Mold Roundup

New Breyer horses are always exciting, but collectors get even more excited about new molds! This year, there’s a ton of new sculptures that have been released for 2016!

Equestrian Superstars are at the forefront of the 2016 lineup and starting off the pack is Valegro! Valegro is the reigning Olympic, European and World Cup champion and Breyer welcomes him in both Stablemate and Traditional scale with new molds made just for him! Another champion, Cortes C makes his way into collector’s hands. Beezie Madden’s famous mount is an exciting new release on a brand new mold! Babyflo is a different kind of champion, this dynamic horse is the World Champion Barrel Horse! His bright chestnut coat is offset by his dynamic leaping pose, unlike any Breyer before him!

Hailing from the British Isles, Caroltonlima Emma is the Queen’s chosen horse and can be yours as well! This lovely little Fell Pony is a new sculpture by the beloved Kathleen Moody and is sweet as can be. Banks Vanilla is another from the British Isles, a champion Connemara pony! This grey beauty has won multiple championships and made a name for herself in just about every way possible.

Finishing up, the Horse Of The Year, Harper is a new Classic scale sculpture that is sure to find her way into your heart! This bay pinto is the fourth in the series and just waiting to come to your collection!

Golden Oak Stables is filled to the brim with new sculptures for 2016! Which will you pick first?


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