Breyer Horse Activities: Decorate Your Horse

March 16, 2016

You can tickle your creative side in many ways, but doing it with a fun new Breyer is surely the most fun way! Any collector is sure to get excited by adding a new horse to their collection and making it unique all on their own!

Golden Oak Stables has always brought you exciting ways to create and get creative with your Breyer horses, but this new release is unique! The Decorate Your Horse Kit is a unique set that allows you to make your own fantasy model, commonly called a decorator by collectors. Realism is not the goal here, creating anything your imagination can think of is! Decorators have been long desired by collectors and are favorites for so many. The fantasy aspect and the ability to be just about anything is exciting to say the least!

The set includes a solid black Thoroughbred horse, ready for your own unique touch. This solid black color is the perfect background for a pink metallic marker that you can sketch, doodle and design with! You can also add 50 gem stone stickers in lots of different shapes to finish off your horse.

The possibilities are endless, and all this horse is waiting for is you! How will you decorate your horse?


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