Breyer Horse New Releases: Carltonlima Emma

March 7, 2016

Breyer’s British Breeds series has been one of the most exciting additions to their lineup in many years. This series of native British horses showcases the exceptional and unique breeds that inhabit the British Isles. New for 2016, a famous British horse has made her way into Golden Oak Stables, and she’s just about as royal as they come!

Carltonlima Emma is a new sculpture sculpted by the beloved sculptor Kathleen Moody. This adorable Fell Pony is the newest addition to the British Breeds series and the first new mold to be introduced! Collectors have heard rumors for several years of a new pony that was on it’s way, and when the news came of its arrival, the excitement grew!

What collectors were most surprised by was the famous portrait chosen for this new mold, Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s favorite horse, Carltonlima Emma! This little Fell pony has become the Queen’s chosen mount in a stable full of top horses and has been photographed many times as the queen takes a leisurely ride.

She shows off the Fell Pony’s distinct black coat with a semi-glossy finish that is smooth and beautiful. Carltonlima Emma also sports the long mane and tail and full leg feathers that the breed is known for.

Bring a little royalty into your stable with this new famous mount. This is the first time the Fell Pony has joined the Breyer lineup, which is something to celebrate, royally!


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