Breyer Horse Collecting: Spring Cleaning

Winter may be going out like a lion for many, but spring is just around the corner and spring cleaning is on the minds of many! You may not think of your collection when it comes to spring cleaning, but it’s a wonderful time of the year to do a little collection care and make sure that your collection is in tip top shape year round!

If you have your models displayed, you’ll know all too well that dust is the collector’s enemy. There isn’t much that can help prevent this inevitable part of collecting. While the sun is starting to shine, let the sun in and take a look over just how dusty your models may have gotten over the winter. The good news is that a dusting with a soft cloth or a tepid bath with a little mild soap (original finish models only, no customs!), can get your models clean and show ready again.

While you have your models all pulled out its a great time to do a collection inventory. A simple list of your models is a great way to start and from there you can add details like where it was purchased, any show awards you’ve gotten or any other interesting information about the model that you might not want to forget. If you are planning a show for the year, tagging your model now is also a great idea, or completing any necessary touch ups.

A little maintenance can help your collection stay in tip top shape. So the next time a new model heads to you from Golden Oak Stables, they’ll fit in seamlessly to your beautiful collection!


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