Breyer Horse Stablemates: Competing At The Games

The 2016 Olympic games are right around the corner and the equine superstars are gearing up to compete for their chance on the their country’s Olympic team. Events like the Rolex Three Day Event will help to predict which athletes will travel to Rio for the chance at gold! In the meantime, Golden Oak Stables has a set of Stablemates that are sure to start your Olympic excitement off in the right direction!

This summer, equestrians from all around the world will head to Brazil for the Olympic games. Horses and their riders will compete in dressage, show jumping and eventing for their chance at Olympic gold. These incredible horses are the epitome of the equestrian athlete!

You can start your journey to the Olympic Games with a Stablemate set that brings four new horses to you, Competing At The Games! The set starts off with a palomino Thoroughbred shown in full gallop. A black warmblood looks elegant and precise as he makes a small turn, maybe he’s headed toward his next jump? A chestnut cantering warmblood is ready for his next cross country fence with his fierce determination! Lastly, a light dapple grey warmblood shows off his dressage skills in an extended trot and delicately braided mane.

You can join the Olympic excitement yourself with Breyer and start Competing At The Games for yourself!


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