Breyer Horse Collecting: All About The Finish

When you hear the word “finish” you probably think of the end of something, a race, a test, a movie, but what about how Breyer ends their paint work on a model? In the model horse world, the word “finish” has a definition all it’s own, and the differences mean a lot to collectors!

The first Breyer horses were released in the 1950’s and were meant to be decoration more than toys. It wasn’t long before those models became popular and were flying off shelves. These first models were finished in a glossy coat of sealer giving them a glossy finish that many collectors remember fondly. Glossy models were popular until the 1970’s and are still released occasionally today.

In the 1970’s, a matte finish took over and gave way to a more realistic look that collectors gravitated to. The matte finish helped the colors of the paint and model look like their real life counterparts, where many collectors found the glossy finish to be unrealistic.

Since then, glossy models have found fans again as have matte models, most collectors have at least a little bit of a mix in their collection. Glossy models are often released as special editions or limited editions from Breyer, making them a little harder to find in most cases. This has given glossy models a lot of collector fans and makes them quite desirable today.

So the next time you visit Golden Oak Stables take a look around at the finishes on each model, maybe it will help you pick your next horse!


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