Breyer Horse New Releases: Best Friends Foals

When a new foal is born, it’s exciting as can be, but when three new foals come into Golden Oak Stables, all looking for new best friends, it’s sure to be an event worth noticing!

The Best Friends Foals are new for 2016 and adorable as can be. These three foals are all waiting to find their new best friends-you! They each come with a blanket for themselves and a bracelet for you to show how much they appreciate your friendship.

Scooter is a beautiful palomino pinto foal who’s bright golden coat is accented with white pinto markings. He’s happily frolicking through the pasture as he explores his new long legs. He wears a blue and green star blanket that keeps his new baby coat warm in the sometimes chilly spring air.

Sweet Pea is a sweet little filly that has a beautiful shaded black coat. She calmly stands, looking around for a new friend, as she learns all about her new world. She wears a purple plaid sheet that matches her black coat beautifully.

Rocky, is a chestnut leopard Appaloosa filly with beautiful roan shadings and bright chestnut spots. His three spots and blaze peek out under his blue and green swirl striped blanket.

So, which will be your new best friend? But remember, there’s nothing saying you can only have one best friend!


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