Breyer Horse New Releases: Wind Dancers

The fanciful Wind Dancers have been lighting up imaginations of Breyer collectors for many years. These beautiful fantasy horses bring a whimsical quality to Golden Oak Stables that is unlike any horses before them. Now, two new Wind Dancers have fluttered in for 2016, and are waiting to meet you!

Kohilo and Aura are two beautiful new Wind Dancers that are fluttering into the 2016 lineup at Golden Oak Stables. These two lovely ladies are the latest addition to Breyer’s most fanciful line, and standing about five inches tall, without their wings, they are a wonderful scale unlike no other!

Kohilo is a stunning pink and lavender horse that is rearing up with great excitement. Her large gossamer wings flicker in the light in matching shades of pink and purple. She comes with a storybook of her own telling the story of how she loves music and soft breezes, like the Hawaiian wind she was named after.

Aura is a beauty in blue and loves winter. This icy beauty shimmers in a dusty shade of blue throughout her body and her wings glisten in shades of purple, blue and pink! She comes with a storybook that tells her story.

These two beauties have caught a wind into Golden Oak Stables, will you open your barn doors and let them flutter into your stable?



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