Breyer Horse New Releases: Rock and Roll Forever

Breyer decorators are collected and loved by so many. Their bold colors and fanciful designs make them both exciting and beautiful. New for 2016, there’s a Classic galloping into Golden Oak Stables that takes it to another level!

Decorator is a term used by collectors to describe Breyer models that are not realistic in color. These horses, painted with decorative finishes, can be a myriad of colors, from bright and bold, to faux woodgrain, to antiqued finishes. These models have a huge following among collectors, and since many are limited in release, highly prized for their rarity.

Rock and Roll Forever is the third release in a line of decorator Classics, but the first to feature a stunning clear plastic body! Created on a galloping Quarter Horse, this spunky stallion is full of spirit just like his rock and roll theme. His light purple plastic gives him the ultimate illusion of art and makes him appear delicate and beautiful. Across his body, a scrolled design with a guitar in the center flanks his side and delicate shading throughout his body makes him shimmer and shine in the most special of ways!

Have room on your shelf for a little decorator? He’s the perfect way to start a decorator collection, or to add to!



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