Breyer Horse Collecting: What Is Your Favorite Model?

A collection is almost always carefully curated by the owner to be filled with things that make them happy. In this process, items are added to a collection that appeal to the collector in one way or another, so of course,  there’s bound to be a little bit of favoritism in the mix somewhere!

When you look over your collection, what feelings are you filled with? You’re probably filled with some happiness and pride, like most collectors. It’s a common feeling to feel happy by the sight of something you love, and for Breyer collectors, this means their horses.

As you look further into your collection, you probably start to remember adding certain horses to your collection more than other, or a special gift or experience, of course these horses are bound to stand out a little bit more. Perhaps you’ve attended a live show where your model has brought home a ribbon, or you’ve taken an outstanding photograph of another, or maybe a certain model just reminds you of a real horse you love. No matter what the reason, there’s bound to be a horse or two in your collection that are special to only you for a special reason.

Hold tight to those special horses as you make room for others. These favorite horses may change over time, but the memories they hold will last a lifetime. So, what is your favorite horse? What makes it so special?



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