Breyer Horse Collecting: Different Types Of Models

When many of us first started collecting, it seemed like the biggest type of variation in Breyer horses was the size. From Micro Mini to Traditional, scale is the most common way to tell many Breyers apart, but did you know that Breyer horses come in a variety of materials too, and the differences may be even bigger than the tiny and large sizes Breyers come in.

Traditional and Classic Breyer horses are made of a plastic that we all know and can recognize very well. With little variation, this plastic has been used for the last sixty years to make the Breyer horses we all know so well. In the 1990’s Stablemates and Paddock Pals were switched over to a lighter weight plastic that is very similar but slightly different, and they are still made from that today! When the Breyer Mini Whinnies were introduced, yet another plastic came to collectors, this one a bit more flexible, and better suited for the tiny scale.

Aside from plastic models, Breyer has also created models of a few other materials. Porcelain and china Breyer horses have been released as special editions and have quickly become collectors favorites. These delicate materials give Breyer horses a unique and timeless look. Resin has also been used in many different forms, even in recent years. Collectors will recognize the Breeds of The World resins and the new Breyer American Pharoah resin that is expected to join Golden Oak Stables shortly!

No matter what the material, Breyer horses are beautiful as can be. What different types of models do you have in your collection?


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