Breyer Horse Activities: Horse Crazy Treasure Box

Every horse lover expresses their love for horses in one way or another. Breyer collectors have found ways to express their love through their intricate collections, to replicating the real horse experience through model horse showing. One of the most fulfilling ways is finding a way to get creative that involves horses. Golden Oak Stables and Breyer has a new set that is sure to get any horse crazy person excited and stroke their creative juices!

The Horse Crazy Treasure Box is a fun addition to the collection of Breyer activities that is just waiting for your creative touch. This lovely treasure box is only waiting for you to make it perfect. The set starts off with a white treasure box that is outlined with a scene of horses in the pasture along the sides and a cameo of a horse on the lid. The inside is lined with a soft blue lining and a large mirror.

Six markers and 97 jewels await you to bring the box to life. With your creative touch, you can bring the scenes and cameo of the beautiful horses that prance around the box to life. Jewel accents will give your box a stunning shine that you design!

What will you put in your treasure box? It’s all up to you! Bring your imagination and ideas, because it’s waiting just for you!


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