Breyer Horse New Releases: Banks Vanilla

2016 is proving to be an exciting year at Golden Oak Stables. With so many new horses collectors are clamoring to add new models to their collections! One of the most exciting parts of 2016 is just how many new molds are coming out, including one that has already caused much excitement!

Banks Vanilla is a stunning grey Connemara pony that is a champion time and time again. This stunning snow white pony was bred in Denmark and is the grand daughter of one of the most famous champion Connemara ponies, Oxenholme Marble. With numerous in hand championships as well as championships at England’s biggest shows, Banks Vanilla is a wonderful example of the breed to say the least!

Breyer’s rendition of Banks Vanilla is done in beautiful likeness on a new mold sculpted by the beloved hobby sculptor Sarah Minkiewicz. This is Sarah’s first ever Breyer release, something collectors have been hoping for! As the first wide release of her sculpture, collectors have been anxious and excited to get their hands on a copy, and now you can! This stunning and firey horse is full of the life Sarah’s sculptures are known for!

Make a little room on your shelf for this exciting new pony that has taken both the real and model horse world by storm already!


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