Breyer Horse New Releases: Horse Of The Year Harper

Classics are the second largest size in the Breyer stable and are fun to collect for collectors young and old.  These horses stand approximately 6 inches tall and are just as collectible as their traditional counterparts. For the past three years, Breyer has released a new classic mold as the Horse Of The Year, and adding to the fourth in the series, Harper will be arriving at Golden Oak Stables soon!

Sculpted by the ever talented Sommer Prosser, Harper is an exciting new sculpture that has collectors anxiously awaiting her arrival. This spunky paint mare is alert and bright eyed as she scampers along. Her perked ears give her a bright and focused expression and her fun pose makes display ideas endless!

Harper has a bold dark bay and white tobiano pattern that is flashy and beautiful all in one. Her long mane and tail are sculpted flowing and free. She could be a myriad of different breeds from a pony cross, to a more delicate paint horse and more!

Harper will only be available for 2016 and is a limited edition. This first release of an exciting new sculpture is sure to be popular and is already garnering attention wherever she is mentioned! So don’t miss your chance to add Harper to your collection. This is a little Classic with a lot of personality!


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