Breyer Horse New Releases: Rhapsody In Black

Five years ago, collectors clamored for a new Arabian mare model sculpted by one of the hobby’s most favorite sculptors Brigitte Eberl. The Weather Girl model was popular as can be and brought collectors from all over excitement! Her release was special though, after her initial release, the model would be put away for five years in the Breyer Vault, and wouldn’t be used until then. Now, five years is up and Weather Girl is joining the Breyer collection for anxious fans everywhere as Rhapsody in Black!

An amazing mare is headed into Golden Oak Stables, Rhapsody in Black! This amazing mare has not only a pedigree and offspring that show her immense talent but also huge wins for her outstanding conformation. This striking black mare has produced a champion in the Egyptian Breeder Challenge three years in a row and has been the leading dam at the Egyptian Event twice!

Her stunning black coat looks beautiful on the beloved Weather Girl model. With her mane and tail flying high and a soft expression to her face, she’s ever the proud and feminine Arabian mare so many will recognize. Her one white sock and tiny star give her black coat a touch of an accent in perfect resemblance to the real Rhapsody.

Just one of the new exciting models for 2016, Rhapsody in Black is exactly the Arabian mare collectors have been waiting for five years to add to their stables!


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