Breyer Horse Activities: Horse Crazy Colorful Breeds Painting Set

With the cooler weather rolling in, time spent indoors is often taking over the time outside. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do to, look no further than Golden Oak Stables. Breyer makes a wonderful line of accessory kits that are sure to enchant the horse lover of any age, but there’s one special one that brings the beauty of the colorful breeds!

The Horse Crazy Colorful Breeds Painting Set is the perfect set for any horse crazy collector. Starting off with five Stablemates horses, this kit is perfect for getting creative and adding to your collection! The Friesian, Arabian, Sport Horse, Tennessee Walking Horse and Andalusian breeds are all represented and primed and ready for your creative touch! Paints await your creativity and with six different colors the possibilities are endless. You can bring realism to your horses, or maybe give them a little bit of a fantasy touch. You can even play with your models once they are all done with a set of pop out accessories that are waiting for you to color them.  Then sit down, and set up your newly painted stablemates for the perfect creative event!

No matter if you’re completely new to customizing, or just looking for a fun project, this set is perfect for a fun afternoon and five horses that are sure to come into your collection forever!


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