Breyer Horse Holiday: 2015 Stirrup Ornament

The Breyer holiday collection always causes a stir of excitement at Golden Oak Stables. Collectors await the arrival of this collection year after year with anticipation, and the new designs year after year are always a welcome addition to any collection. This year, Peppermint Kisses has already caused great excitement, and you can adorn your tree with a little bit of that excitement.

The Holiday Stirrup Ornament takes the form each year of a miniature portrait of the holiday horse. These scaled down miniatures of the exquisitely detailed models are always collectors favorites not only for their amazing detail, but for their memories of the special Holiday Horse. This year, Peppermint Kisses, a grey Thoroughbred, has been decked out in full regalia for the holiday season including a red festive blanket, detailed bridle and lots and lots of peppermints!

His Holiday Stirrup Ornament takes this lovely horse and places him on a bed of freshly fallen snow. Above him a pair of peppermint candy canes are crossed and dangle  freely. He’s placed in a classic, silvertone English stirrup with the year 2015 emblazoned on it. A red bow and ribbon finish off its classic look and make it a sure favorite for years to come!

Looking for a little way to bring the season to your home? The 2015 Stirrup Ornament is the perfect way to commemorate the season!


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