Breyer Horse Holiday: Beautiful Breeds Ornament

Each year Breyer celebrates a special breed with a specially sculpted ornament for collectors to deck their halls with! This year, a breed that’s been in the international spotlight all year is making it’s ways into collector’s homes, and is ready to make its way into yours!

The Thoroughbred is a unique breed that has captured the hearts of so many with it’s winning spirit and it’s tenacity. The Thoroughbred is a relatively new breed, being only a few hundred years old. Bred in England, the breed draws it’s heritage from the Arabians of the Middle East and quickly  became the fast race horses we know today.

This year, Thoroughbreds have come back into the public spotlight with the Triple Crown and Grand Slam of Horse Racing win from American Pharoah. Now, the world is watching the Thoroughbred again with admiration and astonishment over this amazing horse with all of it’s amazing traits and accomplishments.

The Beautiful Breeds Ornament is a fitting sculpture created by Sommer Prosser showcasing this amazing breed. This beautiful bay horse comes to Golden Oak Stables just in time for the holidays! Two socks and star give her coat a beautiful accentuation and a red ribbon makes her red highlights shine!

Have you begun decking the halls? Make room for a little Thoroughbred in your life!



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