Breyer Horse Classics: Black Caviar and Her First Foal

In America we have racing super stars like American Pharoah and Zenyatta. In Australia, where racing is just as popular and stars of their own have started to take the world stage. One of these race horses is Black Caviar, a mare that has made a name of herself for an amazing record that will surprise and excite any racing fan.

This stunning Australian bred mare was foaled in August of 2006. Unlike the northern hemisphere where all Thoroughbreds are given the birth date of January 1st, in the southern hemisphere they are all given a birth date of August 1st. Unusually large in her field, this 16.2 hand tall mare has been taking Australia by storm for the past three racing seasons. This dark bay mare finished off her career with a perfect 25 and 0 record, an unbelievable feat to say the least.

She retired in 2013 to begin her career as a broodmare where she has produced two foals, a filly and a colt. Golden Oak Stables brings you a Classic scale portrait of this beautiful mare and one of her foals! Your Classics collection will jump for joy with the addition of this deep bay championship mare and her bay foal. Black Caviar and her Foal are painted to perfection and showcase the beauty of this amazing horse.

There aren’t many mares like Black Caviar and there aren’t many Breyers like her either! Add this special mare and foal to your collection before it’s too late!



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