Breyer Horse Collecting: Making Your List and Checking It Twice

Do you have a wish list? Whether it be in your head or written out, chances are, you have a list somewhere of horses you’d like to add to your collection. But how much thought have you given this list? There’s of course, great ways to do it so that your collection thrives!

Every collector has models they hope to add to their collection at any one time. There’s always a new model that would make your collection even more complete and by making a wish list, you can easily keep track of your collection and what you’d like your collection to be!

A good place to start thinking about your wish list is by looking over your current collection and seeing what horse you have and what horses you still need to complete your collection. You may notice you have a lot of one breed and need another to balance your collection, or a prized horse needs a replacement. Whatever your collection tells you, be sure to write it down.

Then it’s time to check out Golden Oak Stables to see what is available to complete that collection, and what appeals to you. You can even make a wish list online at Golden Oak Stables!  Writing a list or compiling one online is the perfect way to put those collection thoughts down in a place that you won’t forget and models that you want won’t get lost in the shuffle.

From there, keeping an eye on Stable News for upcoming releases and model retirements will help keep your list up to date and accurate for you, or any friends and family that might take a look at it.

So what’s stopping you? Now is a great time to start your wish list!


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