Breyer Horse New Releases: Shire & Corgi Set

October 15, 2015

The new Best of British series from Breyer showcases the amazing breeds that inhabit the British Isles. These amazing horses are unique to Britain and are making quite a stir with Breyer collectors.

The quintessential British breed for many horse lovers is the British Shire. This draft horse is known all over the world as one of the largest horse breed and for being a kind gentile giant. The Shire is commonly used for pulling carriages which it was bred for, along with doing heavy farm work. The breed’s gentile disposition made him a great family horse. His companion is also just as well known, a¬†Welsh Corgi dog. This little dog might be stark in contrast but he is the perfect companion for the Shire horse. The chosen breed of the Queen, the Corgi is known for it’s small stature and it’s extremely friendly nature!

The Breyer Shire and Corgi set has journeyed from across the pond and into Golden Oak Stables. The classic scale Shire is painted in a beautiful black paint job with high white socks and a wide white blaze. His mane and tail have been braided in typical draft horse fashion and he steps high and proud! His companion is a little Corgi that is bright and cheery, and ready to head out for a ride or curl up in the tack room.

Unique and beautiful, the Shire and Corgi are two gems from the British Isles that are just waiting to bring a bit of British charm to your collection.


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