Breyer Horse Collecting: 65 Years Of Breyer History

October 12, 2015

In the past sixty five years Breyer has created thousands of horses and created tens of thousands of collectors, and maybe more! Starting from one horse that shot to popularity, the history of Breyer is as interesting as the horses are beautiful!

In 1950, the Breyer Molding Company out of Chicago Illinois, created a clock with a Western Horse atop it for Woolworths. Before they knew it, demand for the horse had grown and they were on their way to the company we know today! In the 1950’s several molds were introduced along with animals such as cows and dogs. These models along with the original palomino Western Horse would become the foundations of the company.

In the 1960’s Breyer continued to expand from a few horse and animal molds, into a full lineup with dozens of horses and animals. Collectors began to become more defined in the 1960’s and the foundations of the hobby began with shows and customizing starting up. By the 1970’s the hobby had grown immensely along with the Breyer lineup. By this point, hundreds of different models has been produced and new scales were becoming collectors favorites.

In the 1980’s the hobby really started to take root and Breyer began to take notice. Their publication, Just About Horses, regularly featured collector events and articles and new molds sculpted by beloved artists were introduced. In 1990┬áthe first Breyerfest was held and Breyer had relocated to New Jersey a few years earlier. Collectors were as well connected as ever and Breyerfest’s quick growth was proof of that!

Today the hobby is well connected through the internet and expansive series of live shows and the Breyer world is more than anyone could have imagined 65 years later!

Celebrating those 65 years, Breyer and Golden Oak Stables have a model that wraps all of that history into one model, Glitterati! He’s only available through the end of the year though, so don’t delay!


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