Breyer Horse Collecting: Outfitting Your Model

October 8, 2015

Collecting Breyers encompasses a myriad of different activities, from creating a stable of your dreams to customizing the horse of your dreams, there’s so much to do! Whatever collecting means to you, outfitting your models is a fun way to interact with your models and to bring a little more realism to your collection.

Golden Oak Stables is stuffed to the brim with accessories to outfit your model in just about any way you can imagine! Using tack and accessories, you can outfit your collection in a way that will make you think your models are the real thing. Tack and accessories can also help you learn about different disciplines and how barns operate, in a fun and interactive way! Your Breyer models are just the start!

Tack like saddles and bridles are a great way to start, and range from your familiar English and Western to specialty tack like polo tack. Blankets and halters can help you round out your tack or just get things started. Every tack room needs to be stocked and you’ll find it easy to do with so many different options.

Around the barn you’ll find accessories like a grooming kit, jumps and a hot walker can all make your stable not only more realistic, but also make for a lot of fun for your models! These are just the start of different ways you can outfit your stable yard! You’ll find tons of accessories to fit whatever activities your barn prefers.

Outfitting your models in accessories can be so fun and can add a whole new world to your collection! Where will you start?


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