Breyer Horse Collecting: Where To Start?

Starting a collection is an exciting occasion for anyone, but starting a new Breyer collection is one to be celebrated. Whether is is the first horse in your collection, or the first horse in a collection you are starting for someone else, choosing the right first horse is exciting and important!

Nearly every Breyer collector remembers their first horse, and many of them cherish them and hold onto them many years later. The memories of your first Breyer are special, so of course choosing the first one is important. With so many Breyers, there’s many places you can start!

Picking a favorite breed is one place to start, and can make for a lovely way to start a collection. With dozens of different breeds available at any one time, chances are, your favorite breed has a model. You can also choose from a host of famous horses to start a collection. From equestrian superstars to famous literary stars, the horse hall of fame lives in Breyer form! If your collector is younger, there’s Pony Gals and Plush to start filling their collection with that they can also play with for years to come.

Golden Oak Stables is proud to help you start or continue your collection with a myriad of models that are always exciting and make you feel like a new collector every single time you open that iconic yellow box!


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