Breyer Horse Collecting: What’s In A Number?

If you have a Breyer horse, you’ve probably noticed that they are each assigned a number. While this might seem a little cryptic to the naked eye, these numbers can tell you a lot about a model. From when it was made to where you could purchase it, the number of a model holds many secrets in the Breyer world.

The number of the first Breyer released might surprise you, it wasn’t given the number 1 but instead the number 50. Western Horse carried this number with him until he was discontinued over forty years later. The earliest Breyer models carry numbers that are typically 1-2 digits and as long as that model was produced in that color, it’s number stayed with it. As the Breyer line grew 3 digit numbers were introduced and family sets were given consecutive numbers that helped collectors keep track of their families. Originally numbers used by dealers for identification and inventory, collectors found these numbers easy to use to keep track of their ever growing collections too!

As special runs came about model number began to expand. Today, special runs can be identified by their 5 to 6 digit numbers and regular run Breyers are able to be identified by numbers with 4 digits or less. By looking at the number of your model you can easily tell if it was a regular run or if it was a special run and with a little research it can tell you so much more!

Take a look over your models, what do their numbers tell you about them? Next time you order a model from Golden Oak Stables you might know a lot more about your new model by just taking a look at the number!


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