Breyer Horses Activity: Horse Crazy Real Horse Activity Set

Horse lovers are always looking for a new way to express their love for horses. Many find that collecting and creating are two natural outlets for their love for horses. Collecting and creating go hand in hand and Breyer has a way of pairing both of these together in a way that collectors can enjoy no matter what their age!

The Horse Crazy Real Horse Activity Set is a fun way to combine your love for horses, your love for Breyers and a little creativity for a fun afternoon! The set starts off with eight crayons and six markers that are sure to get your creative juices flowing. From there you can use your creativity to color the four coloring sheets that show sketches of detailed and realistic horses.

Once your creative juices are flowing you can dive into the 30 page sketch pad and start creating your very own sketches! Breyer horses make excellent models to draw off of because of their realism and attention to detail! Using your favorite Breyer model as inspiration is sure to spark the creative bug in anyone.

The kit finishes up with a few fun accessories that are irresistible for anyone young or young at heart. A colorful horse pencil pouch will hold your creative supplies when you are done sketching and stickers and self inking stamps are the perfect ways to finish out your creative adventures.

Ready to get a little creative? Golden Oak Stables is ready to help you jump in!


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