Breyer Horse Collecting: It’s In The Box

Every time you receive a model from Golden Oak Stables you’re probably faced with the same conundrum that every other collector is, to open or to keep in the box. Collectors have been debating this question for decades!

Nearly every Breyer comes to collectors in that iconic bright yellow box that we all know and love so dearly. The bright yellow box we recognize came about in the 1980’s and has lived through many different incarnations to become the colorful and beautiful boxes we know today. Before they came about, Breyers were sold in cardboard boxes that made it impossible to see the actual model that you would be purchasing. Today not only do you get to see the model you’ll be buying, but each Breyer box is decorated with photos and information about the horse!

As you can imagine, this can make it hard for collectors to choose what is the best to do with their models.  Some collectors feel that it’s best to keep their models in the boxes and enjoy the art work and decoration that the boxes have. Models in their boxes can sometimes become more valuable to some collectors. Many other collectors prefer models out of the box not only because they want to enjoy all sides of their models but also because they can inspect both sides of the model as well as showing!

It’s all a personal preference, there’s no wrong answer to this debate, whatever you prefer is what is right for your collection! So, do you open your models, or leave them in their boxes?


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