Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest 2015 Shows

Each year Breyer lovers come from all over the world to compete in shows over the Breyerfest weekend. For many, these shows are the epitome of model horse competition and for many more, the idea of competing among competition from all over the world is too much to pass up. Whatever the reason, the Breyerfest shows stand out among others!

Thursday starts off with a Breyerfest show unique as it is intriguing. Breakables at Breyerfest Live is a model horse show is a show that is only for, as the name states, breakable horses. Breakables are known to many as being porcelain and ceramic horses that of course, are easily broken. This unique show takes place at the Clarion Hotel, the host hotel for Breyerfest, and brings the most delicate of models together.

Friday plays host to the Breyerfest Open Show, arguably the most competitive show in the world. Thousands of horses will come from all over to compete for honors of champion and even fewer spots as grand champion. The Open Show takes place at the Kentucky Horse Park from sunup until the evening. This long day of competition is always one to go into the record books.

Saturday young collectors gather to compete and learn at the Breyerfest Children and Youth Show in the same space the open showers competed just a day earlier. This show is similar in size but a great place for young collectors to learn about showing and about their models. Young collectors can get a taste of model horse showing while learning so much as they compete with their models!

Do you have a show string that could compete at Breyerfest? It’s something to consider the next time you choose a new model from Golden Oak Stables. Will he be the next Breyerfest Champion?


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