Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest 2015 Guest Horses

One of the most exciting parts of Breyerfest are the guest horses that come from far and wide to meet their fans for one weekend in July. This year, Breyer has brought an exceptional group of horses to Breyerfest that will have fans from all over excited to see their favorite equestrian stars!

The guest of honor is better known as the Celebration Model by Breyer collectors and for 26 years Breyer has honored some of the most outstanding horses in the world with this honor. Each year, Breyer creates a model in the likeness of this horse which is given to each three day ticket holder. This year, Simba du Pont de Tournay, a rare Ardennes stallion has been given this honor. Originally imported from Belgum, Simba lives in Florida where he works as a stallion and also drives!

Other guest horses for 2015 include Oration, the 2013 Arabian Sport Horse of the Year that will show fans the versatility of the Arabian breed. With years of championships under her belt she truly is an exceptional example of her breed. Smokin Doubledutch is a little pony with a whole lot of talent. This pinto pony has already made a huge name for herself in so many arenas. Champion endurance horse, OT Sara Moniet is sure to draw crowds from far and wide to learn about the sport of endurance. A new addition to the Breyer line for mid-year 2015, Chocolate Chip Kisses will be making an appearance and teach others about determination and hard work. Last but certainly not least, Lil Ricky Rocker will be there once again to brighten up everyone’s day!

Can’t make it to Breyerfest, you can bring home some of the guest horses from Golden Oak Stables today and get a feel of the action right from your home! With such a versatile group of horses, what’s not to love?


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