Breyer Horses Classics: Dun Quarter Horse

One of the most influential and popular breeds in not only America but the world is that of the American Quarter Horse. This uniquely American breed brings versatility and stamina to every ring it enters. At Golden Oak Stables, a little Classics version of this breed is sure to impress!

The American Quarter Horse is known for not only it’s popularity but also it’s versatility under the saddle. This astonishing breed can trace back to the beginnings of our country but was formally founded in the late 1800’s with the first sires including Steel Dust and Shiloh. From there the breed developed into a working cattle breed that helped to found the western states of the United States! Without this breed, our country would be distinctively different to say the least!

Today you can find Quarter Horses all over the world and competing in far more than just cattle work. The American Quarter Horse is known for it’s fast speed, gaining it’s name for running a quarter mile with speeds up to 55 mph! They are also known for their work in English and Western pleasure, show jumping, and as schooling horses!

The Classics Dun Quarter Horse is a lovely light dun incarnation of the popular breed created on the classic Quarter Horse mare. This lovely little lady shows her stuff in a soft loping gait and her calm expression is sure to give her rider confidence. Her light powdery dun coat is eye catching and beautiful and her dark points give her the perfect contrast.

Want to hit the trail? Or maybe just the schooling arena? The American Quarter Horse is the perfect mount!


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