Breyer Horse New Releases: Plush S’more

A Breyer collection is never complete, any collector will tell you that, but if you’re looking to add something a little special to your collection, Golden Oak Stables has a horse that is sure to fit the bill!

Over the years, Breyer has released thousands of models on hundreds of molds in many different scales. Every collector knows there are Traditional, Classic, Stablemate and Mini Whinnies scales, but did you also know there’s a few plush horses hanging around the stables that are always happy to help you cuddle up and relax with Breyer?

S’more is a lovely plush horse that is sure to happily find a home with you. This chestnut blanket appaloosa is made of the softest plush fabric with a realistic touch. His white spotted blanket is reminiscent of champion blanket appaloosa and his white socks and blaze are perfect pops of color. His mane and tail are just a touch lighter in color and soft as can be! His realistic looks make him unlike so many other plush horses and something you can only expect from Breyer.

He’s positioned in a sweet laying position, you can just imagine him sitting in the shade in his paddock or catching a quick nap in his stall when no one is looking. His size is perfect for hugging and display laying 19 inches in length from hoof to tail.

Looking for a new little buddy for your collection? S’more fits the bill perfectly. Are you ready to cuddle up?


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