Breyer Horses Classics: Canterwood Crest Behind the Bit, Black Jack

May 25, 2015

The horses and riders of Canterwood Crest have captured the hearts of Breyer collectors and horse lovers all over. Now, new for mid-year 2015, you can gallop off with Golden Oak Stables on the third adventure!

Readers have followed Sasha on her journeys on the Canterwood Crest team and her trials and tribulations along the way. Finding a place at on an elite riding team is on thing, and excelling is another! Now, Sasha must find her way through the semester with her worst enemy, Heather, and all of the difficulties that come along with working with someone you can’t get along with. When she is accepted into a prestigious riding clinic, the world gets very interesting for Sasha!

Breyer has created a third model in the Canterwood Crest series to accompany the third installment of the book in the form of Black Jack. Black Jack, Callie’s horse, is a stunning solid black horse that stands proud and excited with his head held high. His name perfectly sums up his stunning looks with a coat of deep black coloring that shines in the sun. He stands proud and ready to get started in the arena and get down to some real schooling with his rider!

You can saddle up today and head over to Canterwood Crest for an experience of your very own. It’s never been so easy to jump into a good book and into the saddle!


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