Breyer Horse New Releases: British Breeds Stablemates!

May 21, 2015

Collectors rejoice, there’s a new set of Stablemates headed into Golden Oak Stables that is sure to get collectors all over excited!

The British Breeds are coming! New for mid-year 2015 comes a set of four British Breed Stablemates that will bring their native flair to your stable in a way only the British can do. This lovely gift set includes four Stablemates horses that represent four of the most popular breeds in the United Kingdom and Great Britain and do so with amazing detail and style.

The set starts off with a Shetland Pony in bay pinto. This ever popular mount has been known world wide for being the first horse for so many. It’s almost a right of passage in Britain to have a Shetland pony, and now, your stable can have one of it’s very own. A grey Highland pony is next and brings the rugged sensibility of that breed to you. His feathered feet and long mane and tail show his wild roots and hardy nature. Next is a stunning bay Clydesdale that is just so perfectly British. With a wide blaze and four white socks he’s the picture perfect Clydesdale! Last comes a chestnut Suffolk Punch. This beautiful draft breed is unique to Great Britain and bold with his bright chestnut coat. Most excitingly, he has been created on the Generation 1 Standing Draft model. This is the first time in over 10 years it has been released to the public! This collector’s favorite is sure to be incredibly popular!

So don’t wait, add a little British flare to your stable along with a mold that collectors weren’t sure they’d ever get the chance to own again!


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