Breyer Horse New Releases: Let’s Go Riding-Racing

Spring is here and any horse lover can tell you that tis the season for horse racing in the Bluegrass! Some of the most important races take part over the next few weeks and with those races come the chances for history to be made. Breyer collectors have long had the chance to add famous race horses to their stables, but now you can saddle up in your own silks and gallop off towards the finish line.

Horse racing is often referred to as the sport of kings, but anyone can participate along with a little help from Golden Oak Stables. Dreams of saddling up your own horse and racing against other talented race horses has always been a fantasy for so many! Names like Secretariat, Man O’War and Citation bring up memories of amazing athletes unlike no other, now you can give your models a head start into the history books for themselves.

Let’s Go Riding Racing is the perfect way to start your own horse racing history with everything you’ll need to get yourself into the winners circle. The set begins with a stunning bright chestnut Thoroughbred mare. Her bold coat shimmers and shines as she races towards victory. Her two white socks and small white snip give her a sweet look that is sure to catch attention in the paddock. Her female jockey is decked out head to toe in bold blue and pink silks that accent her chestnut coat in a lovely way. She comes with a set of racing tack all her own and a saddle blanket and face mask that match her jockey’s silks in the same blue and pink satin.

Are you ready for the winner’s circle? Time to load into the gate and head off with Let’s Go Riding Racing!


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