Real Life Breyer Horses: Rolex Three Day Event

The Kentucky Horse Park is beloved by so many Breyer collectors of it’s yearly pilgrimage of collectors all over the world of Breyerfest. There’s another pilgrimage of sort that brings horse lovers of all types to the Kentucky Horse Park a little earlier in the year. One that brings people from all over the world to watch and participate in another kind of horse fan together, the Rolex Three Day Event.

The Rolex Three Day Event, or RK3DE is the pinnacle of eventing for  not only North America but also for the Western Hemisphere! Being the only four star event in either, the RK3DE has a following unlike no other and is beloved by horse lovers all over the world. The event as many know it started unofficially in 1978, when the United States won the right to host the eventing world championships under Bruce Davidson’s masterful ride at Burghley in 1974. Four years later the first world class three day event came to the recently opened Kentucky Horse Park and competitors from all over followed. In the years following it developed into a yearly world class event, finally becoming a four star event in 1998.

Today the Rolex Three Day Event is the largest event held at the Kentucky Horse Park, Breyerfest falls a very close second, and people travel from far and wide to be a part of it. Watching world class athletes compete in such an up close and personal level is something that hardly any other event or venue can provide for just about any horse fan. Visitors get to experience Olympic level competition up close and personal, and see their favorite athletes in person!

Do you have any eventers in your stable? What models from Golden Oak Stables do you think stand a chance at the winner’s circle at the Rolex Three Day Event?


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