Breyer Horses Limited Editions: Jubilation Mule

The mule is a breed type all of it’s own and unique as it is beloved. Many equine lovers fondly call the mule their favorite breed with great pride, but they are truly something else. Now, Golden Oak Stables brings you a mule unlike no other that will get your 2015 collecting off to an exciting start with a mule model that is already becoming a collector favorite.

Mules are unlike any other horse in the world, because truly, they are only half horse! Created by crossing a donkey and a horse, mules have found their way into the hearts of so many horse lovers as strong and steady work horses who’s sure-footed nature is unlike any other. These strong and sturdy equines are known all over the world for their work behind a tractor or plow, pulling carts, carrying supplies through rough terrain and for being amazing trail horses. Many mules also have warm spots in their owners hearts as beloved family horses.

New for 2015, Jubilation is a mule that has found his way into collectors hearts already! Created on the beloved Brown Sunshine mold, Jubilation is stunning example of the breed with his bright bay pinto coat. His four high white socks make him flashy and unique and his large white belly spot is sure to stand out anywhere. His bay coat has been shaded in shades that vary from deep red to black, giving him the most beautiful look. He is calmly depicted at a slow walk, giving whoever his rider might be a smooth and steady ride.

Unlike no other, the mule is a breed that is unique as can be, now you can add this unique breed to your stable and get down to some heavy work with it’s help!


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