Breyer Horse Live Showing: What To Bring To A Show

Entering your first model horse show can be intimidating, but with a little preparation you can be as ready as the pros to bring your horses out for a day of friendly competition. The right things at your disposal can help your day move smoothly and give you all the confidence you need to put your horses in the ring.

Planning for the big show day is of course, the most important step in any live show lovers plan. Picking horses might seem like the best way to plan, but also planning for what you might need throughout the day will help you not to stress and to put your horses in the best light possible.

Important Things To Bring:

1. A copy of the live show packet

2. Blank tags in case your model loses one or you want to add a new horse to your show string

3.  Any reference material you will be using for the show or may use including collectors guides and breed books

4. Extra packing material, in case a new horse comes home with you

5. Pens, a notebook, and business cards if you have them, to connect with new friends

6. Sticky Wax, pliers can come in handy for performance showers

7. A bit of acrylic paint and a brush for last minute touch ups

8. Food, snacks and a plan for lunch (Be sure to check out nearby restaurants)

9. A folder to keep any winnings in

10. A special notebook or chart to keep track of all of your placings for the day

Do you have anything in your live show kit that you couldn’t live without? What makes your live show day go smoothly?


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