Breyer Horse Collecting: What Does Collecting Mean To You?

People have been collecting things for thousands of years and for the last 50, horse lovers have been collecting Breyer horses. Collecting comes in many forms and each collection is different from the next. No two collections will ever be exactly alike and each is as individual as the owner!

Collectors all have different reasons for getting into collecting, but all Breyer collectors share a love of horses. Some find horses beautiful and want to express their love of horses through collecting beautiful horses. Shelves of beautiful horses fill so many collectors with joy beyond belief! Breyer makes it easy for collectors like this with their astonishing number of beautiful horses released each and every year!

Collectors that might find it difficult to spend their time with real horses also find joy in collecting Breyers. With a little imagination collectors can create the stable of their dreams in any, or all of their favorite disciplines. Champion horses can fill the stable aisles and beautiful tack can fill your tack room, making a fantasy come true!

Some collectors love to show their artistic abilities or their love for art through their horses and fill their collections with custom painted artist creations done either by themselves or others. This allows a collector to customize a horse, and their collection, to be exactly what they’d like!

Many more collectors do a combination of these things, or have another reason all together! What does collecting mean to you? What are your favorite parts of collecting Breyer horses? Golden Oak Stables would love to know!


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